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Knot A Problem

Some polo players like mallets with many “knots” or “notches” on the cane on their mallets.  Some believe this makes their mallets stiffer.  Others think it makes them whippier at the ends where there are less knots.  “Manau” cane is … Continue reading

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Kiwipolo + (2x5b) = Awesome

It’s not often you see a penalty 5b scored from the centre of the field.  At RSPC that is a 140 yard shot.  Martin Garrahan (7 goals) did it last year.  Alejandro Vial-Peres (6 goals) hit one at the RSPC … Continue reading

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Art and Equestrian

Aliya and Farouk Khan had their definitive book on contemporary Malaysian art launched yesterday by the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin bin Mohd. Yassin.    The Minister of Tourism, Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen was also present … Continue reading

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Iskandar’s New Lease of Life

It is great to be back at Iskandar Polo Club.  This picturesque Ipoh club hasn’t seen a polo tournament since pre-Nipah virus outbreak in 1998.  Polo died in Ipoh as they lost a lot of horses as the Nipah outbreak … Continue reading

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Putrajaya Powder

The RSPC International returned to a much safer field at RSPC. The unanimous verdict was that after nine falls in three days, the ground at Putrajaya is not safe.   Some of the photos show how the ground just blows … Continue reading

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