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Most Memorable

I was asked in Equestrian.Com.My’s Forum which were my most memorable smash-ups. In nearly forty years of competitive riding in showjumping, dressage, eventing, polo and amateur racing, let me tell you, there have been a few. Here is my Top … Continue reading

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A Week Ago

I had a look at my helmet yesterday and the peak is what JB would called “munted.” I prided myself on a fairly sturdy helmet but this one is now history. So are my Z-Leader protective eye-wear which must have … Continue reading

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Natasha got me home yesterday evening. The motion of the car made me sick. Then I blew my nose and this balloon popped out by my eye socket. It’s hard to be cool if you pop a ball bag on … Continue reading

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So I missed the 1st round of the EAM AGM, I was busy having a horse fall on me and then try and stand up on me three times. Not that I knew. I was a playing a Merdeka league … Continue reading

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My Spare Mare

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Dizzy Heights

After two losses we finally eked out a half goal win over Jogo Polo yesterday. By some fluke Pahang National League winners Ranhill Dhanaz finished below us in the group tables. So we get to play in the match for … Continue reading

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Shiok Only

Kuo Lee couldn’t make it for the Rebels reunion; it hasn’t happened yet for the four of us. We were honoured that his place in the Rebels match against Punjab was taken by His Royal Highness Tengku Mahkota Pahang. We … Continue reading

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Leaner and Meaner

The Rebels will reunite this weekend at the RSPC National League Tournament. The Rebels aren’t exactly the youngest bunch of guys, and the league is a very competitive one. If we are to find more life in the old dog, … Continue reading

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