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A Great 2016

I had three days in Thailand checking on the HLF and La Sarita horses and managing the grooms and trainers.  The horses, I am happy to say, are generally doing well.  Other than the odd little injury, we think all … Continue reading

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Six days later, I still don’t know if we are any closer to confirming the 2016 FIP Snow Polo World Cup in January.  FIP has made the conditions clear, and is now waiting for China to comply. I have asked … Continue reading

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Open or Snowjob?

While I was getting the news that all the horses had arrived safely at Thai Polo after their ardous three day trip north, I was also getting the news that the Snow Polo 2016 was back on.  And it starts … Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season

We took some time off as a family and spent a few days in Bali. The holiday was scheduled long ago as Zack had a scoliosis operation just after and that would mean we could not travel after.  Bali was … Continue reading

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