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The Malay Mail featured Equestrian.Com.My in their 28th October 2008 edition. Sheila Rahman wrote the […]

peterpoloequestrian November 1, 2008

The Helmet Revolution Hits Malaysia

The design of riding helmets has changed considerably in the last ten years. Since GPA [...]

peterpoloequestrian October 30, 2008

Showjumping Equitation: What’s Next

Showjumping Equitation classes were first introduced in Malaysia in August 1999. In the two years [...]

peterpoloequestrian August 17, 2008

Endurance 101: The Electrolyte Debate

Equestrian.Com.My’s guest endurance columnist Dr Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah is a specialist cardiologist by day [...]

peterpoloequestrian January 30, 2007

Doha Endurance Selection: Interview with Dr Nik Isahak

Dr Nik Isahak to anyone who has not met him personally sounds a flamboyant, vocal [...]

peterpoloequestrian August 11, 2006

Kecek2 Endurance: Bowed Tendons

For chaps who are continually pushing their “equine athletes” towards an envelope of cardiovascular “peakness” [...]

peterpoloequestrian December 7, 2005

Kecek-Kecek Endurance Part II

In part two of this series, Malaysian Endurance rider and Equestrian.Com.My columnist Dr Nik Isahak [...]

peterpoloequestrian December 31, 2004

Kecek-Kecek Endurance – Part I

In the first of a two (or maybe even three) part series, Malaysian Endurance rider [...]

peterpoloequestrian November 9, 2004

Endurance 101

If you ask the 1st batch of endurance riders like Dato’ Awang, Azhar myself etc. [...]

peterpoloequestrian May 5, 2004

Syed Omar: Heading For The Top

Equestrian.Com.My’s Peter Abisheganaden and Natasha Mustapha caught up with Syed Omar Almohdzar. This affable young [...]

peterpoloequestrian November 7, 2003