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MPC 1st National Camp – Part 2

THE AWARDS MEM Chief Executive Officer Tan Poh Ching and the Deputy Director of Education […]

peterpoloequestrian June 27, 2003

Malaysian Pony Club’s 1st National Camp Dates: 19th to 22nd June 2003 Venue: Kebun Rimba, Janda Baik

The first ever Malaysian Pony Club National Camp was held on 19th through 22nd June. [...]

peterpoloequestrian June 23, 2003

Qabil Ambak: Where he’s at and where he’s headed

Equestrian.Com.My’s Peter Abisheganaden finally gets the notoriously shy Qabil Ambak to speak to Equestrian.Com.My. Qabil [...]

peterpoloequestrian July 22, 2002

In the Beginning

Commentary Equestrian.Com.My’s resident dinosaur, Peter Abisheganaden, looks back at how South East Asia has developed [...]

peterpoloequestrian January 7, 2002

World No. 1 – An Interview With Dato’ Awang

Since our last interview with Dato’ Kamaruddin Abdul Ghani, this Malaysian rider has shot to [...]

peterpoloequestrian December 4, 2001

Quzier Ambak Speaks Out

You voted for it, so here it is, an interview with Quzier Ambak, Asian Games [...]

peterpoloequestrian June 14, 2001

Le Centaur: Datuk Kamaruddin Abdul Ghani

He is known in France as the Malaysian Centaur. Y. Bhg. Datuk Kamaruddin Abdul Ghani [...]

peterpoloequestrian May 4, 2001

Improving Your Showjumping Equitation Scores

Showjumping Equitation classes were first introduced in Malaysia in August 1999. These classes have attracted [...]

peterpoloequestrian September 11, 2000