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Becoming a Confident Horse Rider

peterpoloequestrian February 27, 2012

Many riders lose their confidence, or become anxious at some time in their lives when riding or competing.  However you feel and at whatever level you ride, you can significantly improve your confidence using self-hypnosis recordings.

The Confident Horse Rider recordings have been produced by a professional hypnotherapist, and are extremely safe and easy to use.

Amanda Kirtland-Page started riding at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club in Singapore.  She raced in Pro/Am Races in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang and represented Singapore in the Asian Horse Trials in 1974 and ‘75.

She rode at the Moat House Equestrian Centre in Kent, UK, where she took British Horse Society exams.

Amanda went on to work for Olympic rider and trainer, Bertie Hill backing and training young horses and teaching riders from overseas. She has bred and trained her own horses, including thoroughbreds and American Quarter Horses

Amanda says, “I’ve always had a great love of horses and riding since I was very young. Unfortunately, I had a particularly bad fall when I was in my mid 20’s and was unable to ride for a number of years.  When I decided I would like to resume this fantastic sport again, I really struggled with my confidence. Initially I found it difficult just to get back on a horse. I was very apprehensive and often felt sick with anxiety.

In 1996 I started my hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and sports training and knew that this was going to be the way forward in helping with my fears.

mandy_beautifulsunday_bukittimahI spent a considerable time trying to find a self-hypnosis product that met my needs.  It was important for me to find something that was produced by a therapist who was able to understand the ‘feel’ of being on a horse and who understood the whole range of difficulties that can arise, not only when riding and jumping generally, but also when competing.

I was unable to find anything that I was happy with, so I decided to combine all the experience that I had acquired with horses with my therapy training and started producing recordings for myself.  Hypnotherapy is particularly powerful and it enabled me to get back on and compete again.

Since then I worked with more and more riders, helping them with their anxieties and fears with the use of hypnosis.  I had such great feedback, I decided to produce a whole range of self-hypnosis recordings for riders.   These have now been accepted by the British Horse Society.”

Boosting your riding confidence with Self-Hypnosis

Many riders lose their confidence, or become anxious at some time in their lives when riding or competing.  You may find you are fine jumping small fences, but start to get worried when the jumps get bigger.  Perhaps in a dressage test you may feel you will forget the movements, therefore not fully focusing on riding each and every movement to the best of your ability. Maybe you are nervous about just going out on a horse or pony for a hack, a canter or gallop?

There are so many reasons why we worry, become anxious or even become fearful when we would so like to be out enjoying this fantastic sport.  Sometimes, when we have had a bad fall, or a number of falls, or seen someone else have an accident, we start to notice the anxieties creeping in. Or perhaps you are a natural worrier and cannot switch off that negative little voice in your head?

However you feel and at whatever level you ride, you can significantly improve your confidence using self-hypnosis recordings.  Because these recordings have been produced by a professional hypnotherapist, they are extremely safe and easy to use.  You only need to find a quiet place to relax and listen, letting these powerful recordings help your mind make the changes for you.

Self-Hypnosis CDs/downloads now available at:

Produced specifically for Horse Riders
Titles available:
Show Jumping, X-Country Jumping, Eventing, Dressage Competitions,
Schooling, Hacking & Overcoming Insomnia

Titles accepted by the British Horse Society on their website to help you with your
British Horse Society Examinations:
The British Horse Society Bookshop
Ref: Confident Horse Rider Titles (CHR)

Produced by Amanda Kirtland-Page, Accredited Hypnotherapist, Counsellor,
Performance Coach, Rider, Trainer and Competitor.

Amanda represented Singapore in the Asian Horse Trials in S’pore and Thailand, raced in
Pro/Am races in the Far East and competes in Affiliated British Dressage and Show Jumping in the UK.
She visits Equestrian Centres throughout the UK giving talks, running workshops and teaching.

Amanda Kirtland-Page
Accredited member of NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy)
Registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy)
Member of CHCC (Complementary & Health Care Council)
Active riding member of BSJA, BD and British Riding Clubs
Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
Advanced Diploma in Counselling
NLP Diploma & Practitioners Certification (Sports Coaching)

All recordings are available from www.confidenthorserider.co.uk and are priced at:
CD £14.99 plus p&p (£3.00)
Mp3 download £13.99

To be successful at show jumping at any level, you need to feel confident about taking your horse or pony over jumps. This recording contains powerful suggestions to increase your confidence when you jump. It helps you to remain calm, and also fully focused so you can spot what you need to do to achieve the results you want. It helps you to have more control over how you think and feel before and during jumping. It is also full of useful information to help you achieve success.

Recording Times:
Intro 2.22
Main 51.51

The best way to get the most from your horse in a dressage competition is to be calm, confident and fully focused. Ideally, you strive to be in a very positive state, so that not only can you remember the test, you can ride each and every movement to the best of you and your horse’s abilities.
This recording will help you become more confident when riding a test. It will allow you to remain calm and fully focused. Powerful suggestions within the recording help enable you to remain in this positive state whilst you are in the warm up arena and when you ride the test.

Recording Times:
Intro 2.14
Main 43.49

Some people love schooling, some not so much, but schooling is fairly vital if we want to improve our own riding and the way our equine friend responds to us. A well schooled horse or pony is a joy to ride. Difficulties can arise due to a lack of confidence, or the ability to focus on the movements we need to develop. You may want to improve how you feel about just getting on your horse or pony, or riding in an arena or field, or perhaps asking your horse for a specific movement, like for example, a canter strike off.

This CD/mp3 download will help you feel calm and in control. It gives you a way to reduce tension in your body, which can have a very positive, calming effect on your horse. We all know how well horses pick up on tension and anxiety, and this is one of the key elements in this recording.

Recording Time
Intro 1.25min
Main 39.22min

Hacking is truly a wonderful experience for many riders. Going down roads and lanes, through woodlands and over the countryside, beside beaches, over the moors……these are some of the main reasons why people have horses. Hacking provides a lot of interest both for riders and for their horses and a wonderful relief from the confines of an arena.
This self hypnosis recording was developed to help you remain calm when coping with many different types of traffic and obstacles on or near roads and when encountering animals such as dogs and also sheep and cows in fields. It helps you feel calm and relaxed when going over different terrains at different speeds.

Recording Time
Intro 2.21
Main 43.44

Eventing tests the ability of both horse and rider to communicate with each other in all three phases.
‘Eventing’ has been made specifically to take you from the preparation of the event right through each phase. It addresses all the main aspects of each, building your confidence, focus and the ability to feel calm and in control throughout.

Dressage: This recording will help you to feel calm and completely focus on each and every movement of the test, enabling the horse to display the power and grace required to perform the movements with as much balance, rhythm and suppleness as possible for that partnership.

Cross country and Showjumping: A main part in this recording has been devoted to these two phases in order to help the rider remain calm, in control and have the ability to give the horse or pony the confidence to jump whatever is asked of it.

Recording Time
Intro 2.07
Main 39.31

Cross country jumping is a wonderfully exhilarating experience. To ride over fields, through woods and over natural obstacles is something many riders love to do. Part of this enjoyment is about knowing you are in control of your horse and your horse is listening to you. It is also about feeling confident about jumping the obstacles you will encounter.

In this recording, direct powerful suggestions are made to help you gain more control over how you think and therefore how you feel, helping you to build your confidence when approaching and jumping obstacles. It also helps you to be calm, yet fully focused on how you ride and what you need to do to achieve the results you want.

Recording Times
Intro 2.35
Main 53.35

These recordings are available from our site and also from the British Horse Society site www.britishhorse.com  (at present in the ‘what’s new section’

Three separate CDs are available for each of the stages.  They have been produced to help you feel calm, confident, focused and resourceful for the examination.

Self-hypnosis has proven to be extremely effective both before and during examinations. In this recordings, you are gently guided into a relaxed state and then given a unique way of quickly retrieving information you have previously learnt, with the ability to speak out calmly and clearly when you are asked a question. Many of the topics in the syllabus for each stage will be mentioned in that particular recording.

There is also a section within the soundtrack that covers the ridden phase of the exams, helping you to remain confident and effective when riding.

DEEP SLEEP – Price to be advised
Overcome insomnia with this self-hypnosis, 2 CD set and mp3 recording.
Ideal for general use or for riders losing sleep before an important event.
Uninterrupted sleep is essential to stay healthy in mind and body. If you want to sleep the whole night through, then this double recording is for you. Self Hypnosis has been proven to be extraordinarily successful in overcoming Insomnia and these recordings have been produced to help you achieve the sleep you most desire.

CD 1/mp3 track 1 includes a short Introduction. It is important for you to listen to this Introduction on the first night you use this recording (you need only listen to it once). Then leave this to play the main track Deep Sleep. Listen to this on the first night, thereafter, you can choose between either Deep Sleep or Sleep Now on CD 2/mp3 track 3. Continue to use whichever recording you like best until you are able to sleep without their assistance.

Self-Hypnosis CDs/downloads now available at:

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