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ThumbsupHi guys I’m back in the blogging set of mind because over the months I have been having to struggle with school work, but it’s the holidays so school is out. Today’s topic is the Morals of Playing polo or Horse back riding but To tell you the Morals you first have to know a bit about polo or horse back riding.

Polo plays much like soccer or Football, like both those two sports you have 2 teams of around 1 to 10 or even more for tournaments. The objective is to score goals against an opposing team. To score goals you a long-handled stick called a polo mallet and hit a plastic or wooden ball into your opponent’s goal while riding a horse.

How many of you reading this blog went back a long time ago to read my first blog called Blog Cloud? If you haven’t you should read it where I give you Some Facts on horses that could assist you in expanding Your Knowledge of horses. In some ways, that could help you , if  want to more about horses for all you want to be horse back riders.

Back to Polo and normal horse riding, Normal horse riding is fun and not about Competing against other players, normal riding is really relaxing and sometimes exciting from time to time but is Relaxing mostly.

Morals of playing polo is that you have to really create and craft a deep trustworthy relationship with your horse and by doing so your horse can always trust you even in the midst of battle. Another moral of playing polo is you can get that experience only from that 1 game and you can get that experience from a video game or a mobile game.

Morals of  riding a horse are vastly different from playing polo as playing polo is rushing and extreme but simply riding a horse is relaxing and really enjoyable for the whole family. A moral of normally riding a horse is that it calms you down by walking; you see if you need to calm down on a horse walking is by my advice the best way. Another moral by riding a horse is that You no longer need to be afraid of horses because once you rode the horse you can see how peaceful they can be. Now there are a lot more Morals of Riding horses or playing polo but I want you to read more about the subjects.


Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


The KL Academy of Polo

The KL Academy of Polo is formed by three passionate polo players – Malaysian World Cup captain Shaik Reismann, RMPA Executive Secretary Peter Abisheganaden and lawyer Stanley Sinnappen. Based in Kuala Lumpur, the KL Academy of Polo conducts activities in the Klang Valley and abroad.