polo 1991The Royal Selangor Polo Club asked for old photos of the members and polo at the club for a coffee table book project.  Natasha and I decided to support it and started to go through our archives.  Having started Equestrian.Com.My in August 1999, you can imagine the photo archive we have. 

I’ve started to copy photo galleries of polo tournaments and equestrian events at the Royal Selangor Polo Club, going back to 1999, when it was still called the Selangor Polo & Riding Club.  So far, I have been through two external hard drives and about 50 CD’s.    It is tedious work as there is always duplication in backing up drives and galleries.  I have another external hard drive to go, and about 30 more CD’s.

Yes, we have quite a few old photos.  So far, it is 230 GB worth or 67,807 images.

Most of the photos, especially in the early years, were taken by Natasha.  It was much later that the RMPA engaged Armand Ali to shoot our polo tournaments, starting in 2007 with the Hookahs Polo Tournament.  We have some photo albums also shot by George Gill.

But the majority of the 67,000 photos we have were shot by Natasha.  Without realising it, she became the photo historian of equestrian sport and in Malaysia.

The funny part was when I asked Natasha how come I couldn’t find many photos pre-1999 on all the hard drives and CD’s.  She looked at me blankly and said, “You mean print photos?  We only used to scan the ones we ran with articles and small photo galleries.”  I had forgotten those days.

There are some really old photos, some real gems.  This is one of the late Cindy Cross, who was my first ever instructor in 1972.   This was shot my Natasha, many years later when Cindy was at the Selangor Polo & Riding Club, as it was called then.

It was probably shot by Natasha even before I knew her.  In fact, I got to know her father before I got to know Natasha, because En. Ahmad Mustapha was a polo player.  It was only later did I realise I was trying to date his daughter!

This is a photo of one of my early days at the bar at SP&RC, with a stalwart of the club, Mr Bob H.E. Blake, and my future father-in-law.

If you want to see the rest of the photos, you might have to wait for that coffee table book to come out.



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