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Introducing PEPPR: PoloEquestrian.com’s Polo Player’s Ranking system

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PEPPR LogoPoloEquestrian.com has devised a polo player ranking system that allocates points to every player who plays tournament polo in Malaysia.  Now, when you ask the question, “Who is the top ranked Malaysian polo player?” you can actually get an answer that is backed up by data.

PEPPR, PoloEquestrian.com’s Polo Player Ranking is a system that quantifies each player performance, with his contribution weighted by his handicap, and factored also by the handicap and importance of the tournament.  Bonus points are also awarded for exceptional performances.

The PoloEquestrian.com Polo Player Ranking (Malaysia) takes into account:

  • Players are allocated points for game wins and not for participation. The points are allocated on a per chukka basis played, so if a player plays only two chukkas of a four chukka game, he earns points only for those two chukkas and not the whole game.
  • The player would also earn bonus points if their team won the tournament, or if the player was named Most Valuable Player etc.
  • Recognising the relative influence each higher handicapped player has in his team, we have added a factor according to each handicap.
  • Not all tournaments are the same. Each tournament is given a factor depending on its relative importance.  Also taken into account in this factor is the handicap range of the tournament, the number of teams, and quality of the tournament, for example if it is an international tournament as opposed to a club’s internal tournament.
  • Each player’s tournament(s) total is then added to his current points standing.
  • Points get “retired” over a 30 month period, with a gradual reduction after 18 and 24 months.

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How it works

Each chukka of every game is looked at and points are allocated for wins or draws on a per chukka played basis.  No points are awarded for a loss.  Bonus points for winning the tournament, MVP prize etc are then added.  The player’s handicap and the tournament handicap are both factored into the equation.  Every participating player’s allocated points then gets totalled to give him a tournament total.

The example below is from the Royal Pahang Merdeka League Final 2016.


This is added to previous points earned, to give the player a running total. This data is published as the player’s current points standing.  The player with the most points is listed No. 1, and so on.  The current points standing list will be published monthly.

PEPPR July 2016

The current points standing, as at 31st July is as follows:


It takes into account the three RMPA Merdeka League Tournaments and the RMPA Masters. Tengku Shazril is the current No 1, by virtue of his stellar performances in the RMPA Merdeka League where he led Head Hunters to three tournament wins with an 11-1 record.  In winning the league he was also MVP at the Royal Pahang Merdeka League Final.

With the RMPA International League starting in August, his No 1 status will come under pressure.  At the end of August, the results of the RMPA Open and the Royal Pahang Classic will be taken into account and a new list published.

September will see the addition of the RMPA International League Final.  October tournaments are the Malaysian Ladies Polo Championships, Malaysia Cup and Malaysian Open.

How PEPPR can help

Almost all sports has a ranking system.  PEPPR seeks to develop a Malaysian ranking to aid Patrons, managers, coaches, polo captains and even players in their decision making on team selection.

It will also encourage players to improve.

Peter Abisheganaden, PoloEquestrian.com’s CEO and Royal Malaysian Polo Asssociation’s Executive Secretary, said, “I have working on this ranking system for quite some time now. I wanted a ranking that give you a No 1, much like you have in other sports, like tennis, golf or squash.  RSPC started a Leaderboard that Zack’s Tack sponsors.  I wanted to improve on that system so that each player’s relative impact is quantified.

While we have chosen to publish it now, it is still a work in progress.  Other factors may be added.   I’m sure it will continue to evolve, in a good way.  We are not saying this is the definitive ranking system, but at the moment it is the only one around.  It is our way of doing PoloEquestrian.com’s ranking system.”


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