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Pete’s Blog-in-the-garden: Goal Driven

peterpoloequestrian January 11, 2018 Equestrian, Other, Polo

Peter Abisheganaden sets a new personal goal, and explains the how he is driven by Performance and Outcome Goals.

“Now that I’ve set a Performance Goal for my life, I’ve been back to all my resolutions. I have now changed all my resolutions to become goals.  I no longer have resolutions, only performance goals.”

Goal setting is one of the most important skills taught to athletes in order to help them achieve optimal performance. The goal-setting process helps athletes understand where they are currently and also where they want to go.
~ Alan S Kornspan, Fundamentals of Sports and Exercise Pyschology.

To read the full blogpost in Pete’s Blog-in-the-garden, click here: http://poloequestrian.com/blog/polo/goal-driven/

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