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Pete’s Blog-in-the-garden: The Blues

peterpoloequestrian November 18, 2017 Equestrian, Other

Pete let’s fly in The Blues, in his Blog-in-the-garden about the general standard of jumping in this country.  “Let me just say that if you pick a coach that has never achieved anything himself, rode with no discernible style over small fences only, became a coach because he couldn’t make it as a rider, and became “qualified” by a self-sustaining system that has in-bred mediocrity, then it is about time you opened your eyes.

Failure begets failure.  MEM, you have to take a good look at yourselves for the state of the sport.  You have churned out mind-numbing mediocrity in instructor standards for years.  This has impacted the state of the sport today.”

It’s getting a lot of hits, comments and shares on social media.

Read his epic rant here: http://poloequestrian.com/blog/polo/the-blues/


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