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Harry & Snowman: Help the story of the ‘$80 Champion’ become a documentary film

The story of Harry de Leyer and Snowman is one that will be forever remembered [...]

peterpoloequestrian June 25, 2013

William Fox-Pitt, Rolex Grand Slam – Diary

Rolex Grand Slam contender, William Fox-Pitt is writing three diaries between now and Badminton 2013 [...]

peterpoloequestrian October 19, 2012

Trish Braithwaite: Riding Position

In this two-part series, Trish shares with us her experiences of riding the amazing Lusitanos. [...]

peterpoloequestrian October 16, 2012

Trish Braithwaite: Riding the amazing Lusitanos

Trish Braithwaite may be known to many of you in SE Asia.  Trish resided in [...]

peterpoloequestrian September 19, 2012

How Thai Polo incredibly won the 2012 RMPA International League

Dato’ Harald Link’s Thai Polo won the Royal Malaysian Polo Association’s 14-goal International League in [...]

peterpoloequestrian September 13, 2012

Wan Ming: A personal experience at New Zealand’s Horse of the Year Show

Malaysia’s Ong Wan Ming was invited again to take part in New Zealand’s Horse Of [...]

peterpoloequestrian March 23, 2012

Becoming a Confident Horse Rider

Many riders lose their confidence, or become anxious at some time in their lives when [...]

peterpoloequestrian February 27, 2012

FEI looks forward to celebrating 100 years in the Olympics

The London 2012 Olympic Games marks 100 years of equestrian sport in the Olympic movement, [...]

peterpoloequestrian February 23, 2012

A new kind of custom fit of saddles

Gone are the days that you have to fit a new saddle every time you [...]

peterpoloequestrian December 23, 2011

R.I.P. Abu Huzaifah

Abu Huzaifah was one of the twin sons of Hamzah at Langkawi Island Horses. They [...]

peterpoloequestrian November 25, 2011