Unique Mitavite Show win

It has been a busy 2 weeks. This past week, I had some students come from Singapore and Hong Kong, for some intensive training. Then 2 weekends ago, there was a first of its kind competition at the Perak Turf Club Equestrian Club. It was the Unique Mitavite show.

Sponsored by Dean Crichton of Unique Carriages in Victoria and Mitavite Asia in Malaysia, it is the first show of its kind in Malaysia. It all started out when Dean who plays polocrosse in Australia organised a competition in Australia with a huge cash prize for the winning team. Only the winners get money, second, third, fourth place get nothing!

The sponsors having some fun with Mellie and Husref

Unique Carriages has been selling carriage horses and carriages to Malaysia for about 15 years. In recent years, the carriage horses have also become more versatile and they can also be ridden and used in the riding school.

With a cash prize of RM 4500 to the winning team, there were 9 teams that entered. Each team had 3 riders and all had to do one dressage test and jump one showjumping round according to their level. Dressage scores were converted into penalties and then added on to your showjumping score. Sherry Thomas was the dressage judge and Peter Abisheganaden was the course designer.

The draw was done Friday night by Samantha Crichton, Dean’s wife and Mimi Lew of Mitavite Asia. This was done to ensure that teams were picked by luck of the draw and made it more evenly balanced. Gavin’s idea behind this show too was firstly to get more green horses / beginner riders competing and secondly to get people to be more versatile i.e. the showjumpers doing dressage and the dressage riders having to jump as well.


My team was made up of Imtaz on Augusta in the big category (Novice dressage, jump 1.15m), me and Stanton in the middle category (Prelim dressage, jump 90cm. For horses that have not jumped over 1m in 2 years) and Claire Giblet on Do Me A Favour in the smallest category (Preparatory dressage, jump 60cm. For horses that have not jumped over 80cm in competition).

Imtaz dreaming about the money

Dressage went well. Our team was running second to the team comprising of Sharvin, Sydney and Kiva. We thought they would be unbeatable but the beauty of this competition is that everyone has a fair chance of winning. You could be slightly handicapped if you could not ride a good dressage test or jump a clear round.

The heavens opened in the afternoon and I was soaked whilst warming up for my class. Claire had jumped a very good clear round whilst there were a few in her category that lacked experience and did not get around.

Stanton jumped well but did not come back to me quick enough so he bashed out the B element of the double. As there were also individual winners in each category that would win EM 500, that rail was very costly. Katie Tasker on Squeak jumped a clear round and won the individual prize for the middle category. Aisling on Sally Spartacus won the individual prize in the lowest category.

When it was time for the last and biggest category to start, we were told that we had 5 fences in hand for the win! No pressure, Imtaz!! I was sick to my stomach and could barely watch as he rode his round on Augusta. Clear round for the win!!!! Caoimhe O Reilly rode a superb dressage test, backed by a clear round for the individual win in the biggest category.

I do not think we expected to win as the first team was a good way ahead after the dressage but it is like eventing. Anything can change. What an amazing result especially as it was my first show back with Stanton. Stanton had a year off and then did the Lazarus thing where he was resurrected from the dead (almost) when he had a horrendous bout of proximal enteritis in December 2015.

Team winners with the sponsors

There was also a special prize for the rider that showed a lot of promise and worked hard, showed all the right ethics.. this prize went to Syamimi and Eoin Sullivan was given the task of choosing the right person.

Gavin has said that there will be another show next year with a new twist. Riders have to be signed up with Mitavite to win the Mitavite bonus if they are part of the winning team, and if you happen to win on one of Dean’s horses that he has sold to Malaysia, there is a bonus there as well!

A big thank you again to my sponsors, Mitavite Asia and Santa Cruz. Stanton is fed on Mitavite feeds (Cool Performer, timothy hay, Athlete Plus, Supasoy) and I ride in Santa Cruz saddles. They give me a very good feel and keep me in a good position. I am so grateful for my sponsors!!!

The KL Academy of Polo

The KL Academy of Polo is formed by three passionate polo players – Malaysian World Cup captain Shaik Reismann, RMPA Executive Secretary Peter Abisheganaden and lawyer Stanley Sinnappen. Based in Kuala Lumpur, the KL Academy of Polo conducts activities in the Klang Valley and abroad.