We celebrated Zack’s 14th Birthday and Hari Raya with what we termed Zack-A-Raya.   I took most of last week off, a first for me in KL.  I got a little cough and cold when I was coming back from Singapore last weekend, and it took a few days for me to shake it off.

It is extraordinary how fast one loses fitness when you get older.  I had been polo fit, playing lots of polo just before I fell sick, but ten days without polo combined with the illness, and yesterday I was puffed after three chukkas.

So it is back to the grind of stretching exercises and aerobics.  I am standing by for La Sarita in the RMPA International League, so I will need to be at my fittest.  The RMPA Open starts at the end of this month.


About Peter Abisheganaden

Most people don't know the range of things I have done. So here is a synopsis of who I am. Polo Player and Polo Administrator. FEI International Course Designer. NCAS Instructor. Course Presenter for FEI, FIP, RMPA and EAM. FIP Ambassador and FIP Tournament Director of FIP Snow Polo World Cup and FIP Super Nations Cup. Former World Cup and Asian Games Showjumper. Champion SEA Games Showjumper and Eventer. Champion amateur jockey. Pony Clubber. Polo commentator. Retailer and wholesaler of saddlery and polo equipment and Managing Director of Zack's Tack.
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